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Humazine your brand's voice.

Our services

We'll help you design & produce high quality podcasts for internal & external audio storytelling.

Podcasts are rapidly becoming the preferred method for organizations to connect with desired audiences. Whether you are seeking to reach your employees, customers, business partners or new prospects, podcasts are a convenient way to connect, that feels personal, engaging, and memorable for listeners. Let your brand's voice be heard!

Kristen Kidd

Founder & Project Manager

Kristen brings award-winning experience in content creation to Denver’s sound-first storytelling agency. With a passion for high quality storytelling and creative collaborations, she is excited to lead the charge on a mission to elevate the art of podcasting through local productions that keep her within earshot of the Rocky Mountains and Mile High City.

“The best productions come out of L.A. and NYC right now, we want to make Denver the source of the world’s greatest podcasting.”

Nils Magelssen

Production Strategy & Design

Nils has produced some of Denver’s most noteworthy audio, video, and animated content for a variety of corporate clients including many in the tech industry. He not only provides impeccable production skills and excellent guidance, he does so with a combination of confidence and humor to make the work fun.

“I can never settle for mediocre results, I love the challenge of making every project better than the last.”

Sarah Magelssen

Digital Strategy & Design

Sarah has a knack for helping clarify objectives to match them with the smartest digital strategies and tactics aimed at achieving the desired results. She is an excellent communicator who enjoys the challenge of designing professional content that wows clients. Her work is on trend without being trendy, and her work ethic is unbeatable.

“My favorite projects require all my experience, but also challenge me to learn something new. I love honing infinite design choices down to the one that feels just right.”

White Label Corporate Podcast Production

Cancel Any Time

BasicInternal Audience Package

$ 1,250

  • Production Scheduling
  • Audio Recording
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Branding (Intro/Outro/Music)
  • Episode Description Copywriting

StandardExternal Audience Package

$ 2,500

  • Production Scheduling
  • Audio recording
  • Sound editing
  • Sound Branding (Intro/Outro/Music)
  • Episode Description Copywriting
  • PLUS:
  • Distribution
  • Promo Content Creation
  • Monthly Stats Report

PremiumPR/Marketing Package

$ 5,000

  • Production Scheduling
  • Audio recording
  • PREMIUM Sound editing
  • Sound Branding (Intro/Outro/Music)
  • Episode Description Copywriting
  • Distribution
  • Promo Content Creation
  • Monthly Stats Report
  • PLUS:
  • Website SEO
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Quarterly Recommendations Report

Add-On Services

$ 100

  • Podcast Art Design
  • Voiceover
  • Blog Copywriting
  • Show Notes Copywriting
  • Original Music Creation
  • Premium Sound Mixing
  • Live Event Podcast Production
  • Special Episode Production
  • Ad Sales/Placement (?)

One-Time Setup

$ 1,500

One Time Fee
  • Consultation to Define Goals/Style & Approval Process
  • Production Schedule Creation
  • Podcast Description Copywriting
  • Hosting Set-Up (if needed)
  • Website Integration (if needed)

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